Thursday, September 07, 2006

More Fires

Fire in the Desert

Another lightening strike at Red Rock, another fire in the desert. From my house, you could smell and see the smoke. Here’s a shot from the Boca Park parking lot of the black smoke rising in the distance. If you’re not worried about fires in the desert, you should be. Check out my August 25th post for more information about the invasive species making fuel for our fires.

Sin City Stereotypes

Today Erin Neff’s column deals with a subject that irks most long-time Las Vegans – the perpetuation of myths and misconceptions about Las Vegas. We don’t all work in the casinos. We’re not all drinking, gambling degenerates living in trailer parks in the desert. Sadly, the national media finds the stereotype more interesting than the truth. For the record, I’m a native who doesn’t gamble. Except for video poker, I don’t even know how. No strippers or show girls live on my street, although we do have one professional gambler and no one knows what the busty blonde across the street does. I’ve never worked in a casino, nor has my husband. Sadly, I have the feeling that Las Vegans will be listening to these same tired stereotypes for many more years to come.

Condos Killed?

Or at least delayed. Today’s RJ reports that Station Casinos has had a falling out with the developers slated to build high rises next to Red Rock Casino. Dare we hope that the whole thing will fall through? Success rates on local condo projects are roughly the same as what you get at roulette (I may not know how to play it, but I do know it’s a bad bet.) Red Rock is supposed to be the trendiest, hippest new joint in town. I have yet to check it out since I get angry every time I’m out for a walk and have to see that huge chunk of concrete with windows instead of the actual Red Rock Canyon. Here’s hoping that the condo craze will die and what’s left of my view will remain.

Money Talks

Although I maintain that Las Vegas is not a cesspool of vice and desperation, there’s no escaping the fact that we’re unique. What other school system in America accepts donations from strip clubs? This week Eye on Vegas reported on the “Detention” event that raised $2,500 for Clark County Schools. The “entertainers” were dressed as school girls, teachers, and librarians. I bet the attendees found it way more fun than a bake sale.


Nevada Opera Theater’s Opera Festival
September 23 and 24
MonteLago Village

Utah Shakespearean Festival
Fall is the perfect time to visit the festival – Utah has the best fall color displays in this area. Yes, I know all those people from the Midwest and East coast are rolling their eyes because our fall colors are so much wimpier than they’re used to. Get over it. Fall colors are to the East what Vegas is to neon. Just appreciate what we’ve got and see some terrific plays while you’re at it.

Super Summer Theater
Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
Check out the last play of the season!
Call 594-7529 for more details

Check out the RJ’s Living section today for a recap of upcoming theater events all over town:

Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka will be reading from his new memoir on Wednesday, September 13, 2006, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Marjorie Barrick Museum at UNLV. The reading is sponsored by The Black Mountain Institute, Las Vegas’s homegrown think tank. Call 895-5542 for more information.

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