Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Dumont Dunes

If you like your sand dunes with lots of tire tracks, a moving chow hall, and shopping opportunities, then the Dumont Dunes are for you! My husband and son love the thrill of screaming across the sand on an ATV, the smell of high octane gasoline, and the gritty camaraderie of sand camp. I didn’t go out with them for the big President’s Day weekend, but I did get pictures and a full report. My hubby estimated that our son spent a good 8.5 hours out of 10 on the ATV. Don’t you know he slept soundly that night.

The Dumont Dunes are just outside Tecopa. During the summer, the high temperatures keep the sand junkies away. Sand season runs from Nevada Day (October 31) through President’s Day (February). Check their web site for more details.

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