Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Time Flies

I’m embarrassed to see that my blog has languished for two months, but not surprised. The month of September passed me like a Las Vegas driver late for work. October hit, and suddenly all my deadline-oriented projects skidded to a halt. This was fabulous news because it meant: a) I got to take a week off for the first time in a year and b) I got to work on my book proposal, a project which until now was progressing at the speed of a three-legged turtle.

Along with neglecting my blog, I also completely missed the Las Vegas festival season. San Gennaro, Boulder City’s Art in the Park, the Renaissance Festival at Sunset Park, Summerlin’s Sidwalk Chalk Art Festival, and a host of other festival-ish events whizzed past. Normally, I would have been at every one of them, snapping pictures and taking notes. This October, I spent all my free time parked on my little patio, working on my notebook computer – the computer without Internet access/temptation – working on one of three projects: the book proposal for my book, The Department: Behind the Scenes at the Las Vegas Police Metropolitan Police Department; the new narrative for the train ride at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City; or my journaling project. As I was enjoying the blue skies and gentle temperatures in my backyard, I thought about the fact that I was missing the one time of year when all of Southern Nevada does its best to have some culture. While this is a rare occurrence, and God knows we need to encourage any kind of culture we can around here, I have to confess that I didn’t miss it at all.

A few Festival Season events are yet to come:

Spring Mountain State Park
Civil War Re-enactment
October 27-28

Also at Spring Mountain
Mountain Man Rendezvous
November 10-12

Aviation Nation
Nellis Air Force Base
November 10-11
Photo Info: The view from my backyard.

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