Friday, December 07, 2007

Winter Arrives

Winter means many things to Las Vegans. You can open your power bill without experiencing heart palpitations. Your car’s interior temperature dips below Broil. You can walk barefoot on the sidewalk without looking like you’re doing the Balinese Fire Dance.

Around my neighborhood, the approach of winter is signified by the closing of the pool. The whole concept of pools being closed is as alien to me as the idea of non-24/7 grocery stores. I thought everyone knew that the Jacuzzi is a year-round activity here, being as our winter days are often 70+ and sunny, but snow-country transplants don’t know this. Perhaps they know and just don’t care, considering it’s the HOA who decided we aren’t allowed to use the pool between November and March.

During this no-pool season, the HOA decided to rip out all of the beautiful climbing vines that were growing on our iron pool fence. In spring, the vines bloomed with tiny white flowers that looked like a cross between a rose and a carnation. The vines shaded the area and gave pool-goers some privacy. Now we have Pool in a Cage. At least this aesthetic eye-sore ensures that I don’t care about the pool being closed. If I’m going to be in a cage in my swim suit, someone better be shoving a whole lotta dollar bills at me.

But back to enjoying winter. You can wear long sleeves without fear of heat stroke. Wood burning fireplaces scent the evening air. White icicle Christmas lights sprout on every stucco home. The saguaros need their blankies. Yup, winter has arrived.

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