Monday, April 27, 2009

Where’s My Crazy Eight Ball?

A great deal of conversation around Las Vegas these days centers on one question: Have we hit bottom? Reading our local newspapers isn’t much of a help, really, because our economy is in uncharted territory. Last Thursday, the Sun reported that Mayor Oscar Goodman has declared that the Las Vegas economy is on the rebound. Pretty much no one agrees with him, but let’s give him points for his positive attitude. On the same page as the story about Mayor Goodman, we have “Shortfall looms large as fire union holds out.” When you’re squabbling about money for firefighters, times are bad.

On Friday, the RJ’s business section wondered, “Could the median price for existing homes in Las Vegas fall to $100,000?” Could that mean people will begin buying houses again? Personally, I think that would be a good thing. Along with the $100,000 question, the RJ ran “Reports cool off hopes of recovery,” “IGT forges ahead despite second-quarter loss,” and “Penn National prospers; tries to quell LV rumors.”

I started looking for my magic eight ball, so I could get some clearer answers, but all I found was a note on the shelf where it used to sit. “Ask again later,” it said. Good grief, for that I could have read the newspaper.
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