Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Rocky Surprise

This rock labyrinth sits just off the path at the Red Rock Overlook. I discovered it one afternoon when I drove to the Overlook for an emergency attitude adjustment.

The first time I stomped past the rocks, I never even saw them.

After I’d spent some time gazing at the Calico Hills and watching the tourists, I felt better. I got a good laugh when a group of teenagers screamed and did a dance when a flying insect buzzed them. (To be fair, it was a big bug.)

With my mental attitude adjusted, I headed down the path.

The light was fading, splintering through the cliffs to the west. This time I saw it: the small swirl of rocks, the spiraling path with a cairn in the middle. How could I have missed that? Talk about a case of blind anger.

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