Sunday, May 27, 2012

Plant World: A Vegas Oasis

I've been to plenty of plant nurseries over the years, but I can only think of one that warrants a visit simply for a stroll around the grounds. Plant World, on West Charleston, isn't just a place to buy flowers and shrubs. Birds and other creatures live there, which is why I have pictures of Plant World but not of any other nursery I've ever been to. Besides being a fun, unusual place to explore, Plant World is also staffed with people who know their stuff. This is the place to bring your questions about sickly plants and troublesome sprinklers.

I took these pics inside Plant World late last summer, when the Top Notch Barbeque food truck was still parked out in front of the nursery several days a week. My family made an entire afternoon out of lunch at Top Notch followed by a stroll through Plant World.

That got me wondering what was up with Top Notch, which serves up some of the best barbeque in Vegas. Turns out Top Notch is no longer mobile, but plans to open a restaurant. They still do catering, however, which almost makes me want to think up a reason for a party.

All pictures by Terrisa Meeks

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