Friday, September 01, 2006

Housing Bubbles, Water Woes, and Warren Jeffs

Bubbling or Bursting?

The downward trend of the housing market here in Las Vegas is spawning ever more panicky articles in the local press. With a six-month supply of available housing, has our bubble burst? One day the stats show a slide, the next day we’re inching back up. Tourism may be our main claim to fame, but real estate is a serious player in our economy, employing scads of real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and construction workers. As long as Californians can still sell their houses for $700,000.00, however, our $300,000.00 homes will still attract buyers.

There’s Water in Them Thar Hills

The Las Vegas Valley Water District continues to try convincing our northern brothers that we just want a little of their water. Really. And those pesky comparisons to the Owens Valley, well, with all our modern laws, that could never happen in Nevada. Just like Yucca Mountain, right?

All Road Lead To Vegas

It’s not just degenerate drinkers, gamblers, and other low-lifes who head for Vegas when the law is hot on their tails. Saudi Arabian terrorists stop here, and most recently, Warren Jeffs, the fugitive fundamentalist Mormon. I especially enjoy hearing all the LDS leaders denouncing the FLDS and polygamy because, goodness gracious, doesn’t everyone know that in 1890 the Mormons received a revelation from God that polygamy was bad. It was just coincidental that the revelation came at the same time Utah wanted statehood. News reports stated that an iPod, cash, and other items were found in the car with Jeffs. What I want to know what he had on the iPod. While still the head honcho in Colorado City, he recorded himself singing hymns and then required his followers to listen to his vocal stylings. What, the multiple wives, hair shirts, and no cable weren’t bad enough?

Who Needs I15 Anyway?

If you’re trying to get from Southern California to Las Vegas in September or October, better break out the maps. Road work around the Devore exit will close I15 periodically during this time, so your drive from LA to LV may include Kingman. I’m sure the LVVCA is thrilled with California’s advice to drivers, which is to simply cancel their trips. Funny thing how we in Nevada manage to work on our roads and keep them open.

Events Around Town

First Friday is TODAY. Head downtown the Arts District to check out art, food, and entertainment.

The Red Rock Harvest Festival is tomorrow. Go to the visitor’s center to see displays of wildlife, dances by American Indians, and all types of informational booths.


Paul said...

Nice site! Having worked in the gambling business since '82 I've visited LV hundreds of times. It's a fun place, even with all the crowds and the traffic. I do miss staying at the Landmark (the midrise buildings, NOT the tower) and eating at the Celebrity Deli at Maryland and Flamingo -- but that's progress, I guess.

TH Meeks said...

Thanks for visiting -- both the blog and Las Vegas!

I miss so many of the old places like the Landmark. It had a fabulous restaurant at the top -- well, it was fabulous when I was a kid, but who knows what it was like before they imploded it. I just remember tasty prime rib and an endless view.