Friday, February 16, 2007

Bodies: The Exhibit

No, this dynamic plastic model of a heart wasn’t at Bodies: The Exhibit, but since they don’t allow photos it’s the best I can offer.

Before I tell you about this amazing exhibit at the Tropicana, let me just address the Yuck Factor. “Real bodies? They use real bodies? Isn’t that kind of yucky?” These are the first things people say when I start to describe this unusual and fascinating display. It’s not yucky at all – in fact, quite the opposite. The exhibit includes information about how the bodies and body parts were preserved, a process that renders them completely yuck-free.

Each room is dedicated to a different body system: the skeleton, the muscles, the heart and lungs, etc. We took over an hour to walk through the multi-room exhibit. The display of healthy lungs next to smoker’s lungs was the most popular single exhibit, not to mention the creepiest for former smokers. This look inside the human body will change the way you think about your insides – for starters, now you know what they look like.

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