Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A True Success Story

This might look like every office building you’ve seen, but that’s only the outside. On the inside you’ll find the staff of Summit Restoration, a hard-working team of 20-somethings who struck out on their own to start their own company. Las Vegas is filled with success stories, but this one is special to me because Summit’s staff are pretty much all related to me. Hey, I never said I was unbiased.

The leader of this bunch is William Dellaechaie, the man with the vision. I won’t talk about his former employer, except to say that if you’ve ever been misled and mistreated by an employer’s specious promises, you can appreciate the sweetness of William’s success. Let’s just say that my nephew has a low tolerance for being treated badly, which meant that he and the Former Employer had a falling out. With not much more than moxie, really big you-know-whats, and money he raised by hook and crook, William struck out on his own. He entered the same business as the Former Employer, snagged a bunch of their staff on the way out the door, and has been making steady progress at eroding Former Employer’s client base. For all of us who have smarted at the hands of unscrupulous bosses, we salute you, William!

Of course, part of the reason William snagged all those staff members was because he was related to most of them. His two brothers, Travis and David, and his cousin, Bill, worked pro bono in the beginning. Faithful office manager Colleen took care of the details. Now, it’s reward time, baby! They’ve been adding staff and, just recently, were able to move out of William’s house and into this new warehouse and office. No one has worked pro bono in a while.

If you’ve got water damage or mold in your house, these are the guys who know how to fix it. Yes, of course, I know I’m biased and all, but Summit is the best at what they do – give ‘em a call if you don’t believe me. Tell them Aunt T says hi!

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