Monday, July 30, 2007

Las Vegas Headlines

Things happen so fast around here that keeping up with Las Vegas news and events is tough for a lone blogger, but I’ve been saving up my news clippings and wondered if you’d heard about…

Boy Scouts Add Realtor Badge
In case you didn’t notice this very quick news story, the Las Vegas Boy Scouts are selling their Mt. Potosi camp. They received the property for free from the government, but are now selling the property, which is expected to fetch more than $100 million. Does this mean an end to little Boy Scouts asking me for money when I’m trying to walk in and out of the grocery store? I mean, this should wipe out the need for fundraisers for quite some time, don’t you think?

Vegas Gets A Brain
Well, no, not really, but at least we have a think tank. Carol Harter, former president of UNLV, heads up our home for brainiacs, the Black Mountain Institute. BMI recently took over a literary journal, Witness, which the RJ reports will publish its first Las Vegas edition in fall. Does this mean something will be published in our city that doesn’t include a review of nightclubs? Please?

Don’t Confuse Us With The Facts
A series of bronze historical markers on Fremont Street have been found to contain several inaccuracies. Local officials were unconcerned. According a report in the Review Journal, Mayor Goodman said, “It’s a fun thing. I’m hoping people on the Fremont East are half-lit, and could care less what the markers say.” Personally, I think this story explains a lot.

Who Needs History Anyway?
Residents living in the neighborhoods bordering the Las Vegas National Golf Course (Desert Inn and Eastern) learned that development may soon ruin their vintage Vegas neighborhood. The golf course’s recent sale combined with its residential zoning may result in 500 cookie cutters replacing the golf course. According to recent reports in the Sun, current residents are looking into the requirements to acquire historical status. This is a neighborhood full of unique, old-time Vegas houses and it would be great to see something of our city preserved instead of razed. I’m so sick of seeing things blown up and torn down that I could scream.

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