Thursday, November 15, 2007

Las Vegas in the News - Anderson Helps the Homeless in Las Vegas:
Pam Anderson is feeding homeless people vegetarian meals. This is a good and commendable thing… now if I could just get rid of my mental image of her in that Baywatch swimsuit, handing some poor homeless man a plate of tofu.

KLAS Las Vegas - Fifty Running Couples to Get Married in The Las Vegas Marathon:
Like we need to add complications to marriage or marathons?

KTUU Anchorage, Alaska - Kott says Viva Las Vegas:
One of their corrupt politicians got approval to take a Las Vegas vacation because his tickets were already paid for. Okay, Alaska, we’re full up on corrupt politicians. Keep yours at home.

Ireland Online - Raunchy Beyonce billboard upsets Las Vegas locals:
In Ireland, they believe Las Vegas locals are outraged at a revealing Beyonce billboard. She’s on a billboard here? Where? What outraged locals? They must have been so traumatized that they moved to Ireland. - Realtors Upbeat in Las Vegas:
Seriously? Was there a massive infusion of Prozac into the coffee?
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