Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Little Las Vegas News

--In case you haven’t heard, Heidi Fleiss, aka the “Hollywood Madame,” now lives in Pahrump and runs a Laundromat while waiting for her stud farm to, umm, grow to its potential. She made the New York Times today: “With Brothel Plans Delayed, A Madam Does Laundry”

--The scrap metal thieves have sunk to a new low. It’s not enough that they kidnapped and mutilated the angel statue in front of Opportunity Village. Now they’re prime suspects in the thefts of dog poop dispensers. The article is in today’s Sun: “Across the valley, poo bins go poof”

--Nevada once again placed at the top of a bad list: On October 30, 2007, the Review Journal reported that we were third on the list of states with dismal high school graduation rates. A recent study of high schools identified “dropout factories,” schools graduating less than 60% of their freshman. Once upon a time, a person could make a living here without a high school diploma, but those days are disappearing fast. Construction workers, maids, and truck drivers are just few professions battling an influx of cheap, illegal labor.

Events Around Town:

The Las Vegas Design Center at the World Market Inventory Clearance Sale
Open to the Public
November 16 and 17
The first sale in June brought in nearly 7,000 shoppers and raised over $67,000 for local charities. $10 admission fee. Proceeds go to benefit the Nevada AIDS Project, Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas, and Opportunity Village. Call 599-3093 for more information.

Meet the Author
Local children’s author Carolyn Ahern reads from her Tino Turtle books
November 10, 11 a.m.
Barnes & Noble, 8915 W. Charleston

Mountain Man Rendezvous
Spring Mountain Ranch
November 10-12
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Unleash your inner Grizzly Adams and learn how to shoe a horse, fire a black powder gun, or make an arrowhead.

Aviation Nation
Nellis Air Force Base
November 10-11

The DaVinci Experience
Henderson Events Plaza
A hands-on exhibit of DaVinici’s innovative creations
$17 for admission
Call 877-775-5252

If you don’t subscribe the RJ, be sure to check your mailbox today for the View News, which is full of information on local events.
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RadioVegas said...

I've been reading your blog for the last month and I gotta say you have a good voice. The opening story in todays post made me laugh out loud... that you're so on top of the current events makes me smile.

TH Meeks said...

Thanks! I agree with the people who say Las Vegas is a great city for news - it might be strange and unusual news, but it's interesting. Thanks for reading!