Monday, April 27, 2009

True Las Vegas Ingenuity

Now that the construction business in Las Vegas has fallen to pre-Anasazi levels, we have a surplus of heavy equipment around town. One enterprising Las Vegan came up with a way to put some of it back to work. Michael Price’s new business, Big Dig, can help you connect with your inner construction worker. Last week Las Vegas Sun reporter Brendan Buhler reported on Price’s business in his article, “It’s just fun to crush things.”

For a mere $200, you can spend thirty minutes crushing cars with a bulldozer or excavator. Yuppers, you read that correctly. You fork over two Benjamins, and for half an hour you get to indulge those dreams (you know you’ve had them) of smashing other cars, only instead of plowing through jammed-up traffic on I15 (and then being escorted to jail), you get to crush cars in an empty lot in Henderson. Now THAT’s worth saving up for!
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TH Meeks said...

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