Friday, May 29, 2009

Puppy Mills Are Bad News

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed protestors at Fort Apache and Charleston. They were protesting the pet shop that operates in Boca Park because the shop buys from puppy mills. What's wrong with puppy mills? Pretty much everything. Describing them as inhumane simply isn't enough. Read "Pup My Ride to the Rescue" by Las Vegas author Cathy Scott on the Best Friends Network (a publication of the Best Friends Animal Society) to learn more about puppy mills.

If you want a pet, check with local shelters; if you must have a purebreed, check with rescue groups. Scroll to the end of Cathy's article for links to groups that can help you find a pet.
Picture by Sarah Ause, Best Friends photographer, from


Christine said...

Hi Terrisa, Enjoying your blog! I came across it from reading the comments about Ben Southall, the winner of the Best Job in the World. I too applied. The experience was fun and a learning lesson. Anyway, my Blog Sister Alicia has written posting about puppy mills ( Thank you for weighing in!

I have several blogs including a personal blog and one that focuses on my homestate of Florida, similar to your Las Vegas highlights. I look forward to following your Vegas life and more! All the best

TH Meeks said...

Thanks for stopping by & thanks for the link on the puppy mills! It's surprising how many people don't know that animals at pet stores come from puppy mills.

You are so right that applying for the Best Job was a fun learning experience. I had never edited my own video & am really glad now that I learned so much about how to do it.

Your Fabulous Florida blog looks great! I have a friend in Largo. Is that close to you?