Friday, June 26, 2009

Extra-Budget Shopping Never Looked So Good

Two weeks ago, the Salvation Army's thrift store at 4196 S. Durango held its grand re-opening. Don't call them a thrift store anymore--their face lift included a catchier name, "Sally's Boutique." They've remodeled, and they've done a fantastic job. The furniture section was full of great finds. In the toy section, my son was thrilled to find a rock tumbler for $3.00. The back wall near the kitchen section was fully stocked with brand-new kitchen implements in unopened, original packaging. I picked up a new potato peeler for $1.00. If you're looking on great deals on clothes and furniture, stop by Sally's Boutique and look around. Proceeds from the store go toward the Salvation Army's programs to help people in need.
Picture by T. H. Meeks

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