Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big Dune at Amargosa

When my hubby first asked me if I wanted to go with him to Big Dune in Amargosa, I hesitated. He loves to zoom over the dunes on a quad, and I'm just not the zooming type. He batted his baby blues and told me that his sister, Sandy, and our brother-in-law, Randy, would be coming (thus giving me someone to hang out with) and that they'd be bringing a Mule. "You can drive the Mule," he cajoled. We really don't have a good history on the whole dune thing. When he talked me into going to the Dumont Dunes with him, I spent the entire day sitting around camp, bored out of my mind, with nothing to do but watch other people zip around on their noisy little machines. I went twice, and both times it was the same dull experience. I agreed to give him yet another chance, so last weekend we spent Saturday in Amargosa.

When we got to Big Dune, I got the basic Mule driving instructions from the men. A Mule is kind of like an off-road golf cart with a tiny little pick-up styled bed. It doesn't go that fast (especially when I'm driving), and it's meant for flatter areas of the dunes (again, especially when I'm driving). Sandy and I were on the same page as far as the Mule went. "Do you want to drive?" I asked her after I'd taken it for a spin around camp. "Nope," she said. We became the refreshment vehicle and camera crew, which suited us just fine. It also made my dune experience actually enjoyable... I guess the third time was a charm, as they say. Here's a video clip of what the zoomier-types were doing as Sandy and I were puttering along.

Amargosa's Big Dune ATV/OHV area is about 90 minutes outside of Las Vegas. On non-holiday weekends, it's not very crowded. It's involved in a bit of a controversy right now since a field of solar panels has been proposed nearby, close to Amargosa Valley.

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