Friday, April 16, 2010

The Paw Injury at Red Rock

Last week we took two outings, and both our dogs came with us. That was partly because I needed some dog models for pictures to accompany an article, and partly because the weather was no nice. Unfortunately, on the first outing my border collie took a spill jumping out of my husband's truck (we didn't see the fall, just the dirt all over the side of her face). The girl's paw injury wasn't healed when we drove up to Red Rock, but we didn't know that until she had walked for a while. Then she sat down and whinned, so she got carried back to the truck. Talk about a dog's life.


Anonymous said...

awwww... did gigi's paw get better once you returned home? Did she scuff up her leather boots and mini skirt ?? lol :D

TH Meeks said...

Yes, she was missing a dangly earring and her mascara was running, too. :) Now, on the other hand, Lily was ready to keep hiking. Probably to Pahrump.