Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Vegas Seven: The New Weekly in Town

There's a new free weekly in town, Vegas Seven. It's like Las Vegas Weekly, only with more fashion and general interest articles. It's mildly like City Life, only without the political slant or the adults-only ads in the back. Vegas Seven is available at newsstands around Southern Nevada and at the library. It's loaded with articles and blurbs about restaurants, performers, nightclubs, and things to do, along with a heap of full-page ads for things like Grey Goose vodka and the Jaguar dealership. Vegas Seven's mix of local events and general interest pieces seems like a good way to appeal to both residents and visitors. Next time you're at the 7-Eleven, grab a copy.
Photo of Las Vegas Strip, 2004, courtesy of Joakim Syversen at

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