Thursday, January 24, 2013

Looking at Old Pictures & Wondering, “Where Was This?”

I thought it might be interesting to dig around my old photo albums (yes, I’m talking film here) for some vintage Vegas pictures. I seem to have every photo I’ve ever taken, so I hoped I'd find some gems.

I sorted through my albums, searching for pictures of Vegas in days gone by. The yield was grim. In those pre-digital, pre-blogging days, I was foolishly taking pictures of my friends instead of documenting the city (and desert) that would soon disappear.

However, I did uncover a bonus of sorts: photos of travels from many years ago, so many years ago, in fact, that some of my photos left me wondering, “Where was this?”

I Knew It Was At Lake Tahoe, But…

Thanks to a diligent Google search, I’ve identified this as the Tallac Historic Site in South Lake Tahoe

I knew the picture was taken at Lake Tahoe, but that was the only thing I remembered about this photo's location. My memory of this entire trip is dreadfully dim. (Excessive drinking was involved.) At any rate, I do recall the incredible beauty of Lake Tahoe and an afternoon hike to find this place, which I remember as being not so well-known at the time I explored it (well before it came under the oversight of a public-private partnership in 1996).

A Santa Barbara Mission

Which mission? Beats me.

The interior of the mission was silent, dark, and creepy. I much preferred taking pictures of the photogenic, non-creepy exterior.

During my trip to Santa Barbara, my visit to this mission was one of the few things I did with a companion. For about a week, I spent every day walking about Santa Barbara blissfully alone, taking pictures and doing whatever I pleased. Ah, the memory makes me smile.

I Suspect It’s Slide Rock

When I first drove through Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona, “Hotel California” was selling strong and I was not of legal age to drive a vehicle. The number of trips I’ve taken to this area, over such a long period of time, are so numerous that they’ve run together somewhat—which is why I’m pretty sure this is Slide Rock, but really, I’m not 100%. I love the picture, though.

Not Exactly Red Rock Crossing

I thought I knew the name of this place. As it turns out, I only had it half right.

When I took this picture, finding Red Rock Crossing (outside of Sedona) felt like an accomplishment. Today, it’s not so off-the-beaten-path (like all of Sedona). Thinking about how long ago this picture was taken, I thought I’d better verify that I had the name right.

As it turns out, the rock formation in this picture is Cathedral Rock, and Red Rock Crossing refers to the area where this picture was taken—and specifically to a giant bar of sandstone in Oak Creek.

Somewhere, in one of these albums, there’s a picture of that, too.

Do you ever find pictures that leave you asking yourself, "Where was this?" 

Or am I the only one?
All pictures by Terrisa Meeks

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