Monday, February 04, 2013

Las Vegas on a Sunday Afternoon

Did your weekend go by too fast? Mine certainly did. Before I knew it – Poof! – Monday morning had arrived and I was driving to work, thinking about my awesome Sunday.

The Scene on Sunday:
A winter afternoon in Las Vegas: blue skies and 70°. The hubby and I have agreed that we don’t care about the football game. It’s 1pm and I say…

Me:    Let’s go to Sloan Canyon.

Hubby:   It’s too late.  

 [Grimacing, making faces at the clock.]

 You have to catch me early.

Me:     I don’t like early.

 [Resisting the urge to point out that it’s only 1pm.]

Hubby:     But you know I like to do things early.

Me:   [Short sigh before realizing this means an hour-long walk alone. Smile and say…]

 Guess I’ll go for a walk. 

Where’s your favorite place to go for a walk on a Sunday afternoon? 


Donovan said...

I know that spot! When we first got to Las Vegas we moved to an apartment complex just behind that next to Hualipai, good memories!

TH Meeks said...

It's a great part of town! Perfect if you like to walk, bike, etc.