Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Elvis Lives!

In Downtown Las Vegas, Elvis not only lives, he's apparently been cloned several times.

I went Downtown on Saturday to meet up with other bloggers and take pictures of interesting things. For a target-rich environment of "interesting things," it's hard to beat Fremont Street

(Incidentally, what's up with all the Vegas Newbies who call the Strip "Downtown"? I work with some people from Back East who keep saying they're going Downtown when they're headed to Mandalay Bay, and that's just wrong.)

I remember when you could drive on Fremont Street. But then, I also remember the real Elvis.

Looking for something cheap and entertaining to do in Vegas? Go Downtown and just walk around. If you don't find that entertaining, I don't know what to tell you.

*For long-time Vegas locals, "Back East" refers to any state east of Colorado.

Have you been Downtown lately?
Picture by Terrisa Meeks. See more of my Downtown Vegas pics on flickr.

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