Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chalk Art: Impermanence Epitomized

Capturing the short life of chalk art

I captured my first set of chalk art pictures at the Summerlin Art Festival while the artists were working on their pieces. The next day, I came back as the festival was breaking, just in time to capture the images before they were completely gone. 

Even though the festival was over, I still found it strange to see people walking over the fading art. One woman stopped right on top of a panel I was photographing. She was dragging something behind her that looked like a small tent.

When the woman stopped, she didn’t notice what she was standing on, or that I was trying to take a picture. “Oh, sorry,” she mumbled when she saw me. Then she set off, dragging her fabric-covered rectangle over the remains of the artwork.

Somehow, that just seemed wrong.

See more chalk art pics on my flickr page.

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bail bonds in Vegas said...

Unbelievable talent on display here in Las Vegas! Oh how I wish I could even write my name in a readable way with chalk!