Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5 Tips for Surviving the Summer in Vegas

Triple-digit weather is ahead. Get ready.

If you’re from a more temperate climate and are facing your first summer in Las Vegas, let me just first say that I’m sorry, I truly am.

Judging from the stories I’ve heard, your first year of three-digit heat is the worst. Right now, if you’re used to spring in Chicago or Minneapolis, you’re amazed at our warm weather. By July, you’ll be sure you’ve relocated to Hell (at least, that’s what you’ll tell everyone).

Personally, I don’t consider it truly hot until it’s over 110F. 
Don't try this in Death Valley. It's hot. We all get it.
In colder climates, you have to work around cold and snow. In the desert, you need to work around sunlight and heat. Here are a few tips to help you survive summer in Las Vegas:

Get a windshield shade for your car.
If you’re parked outside, the desert sun turns your car into an oven. Without a windshield shade, you’ll be very sorry the first time you grab anything metal inside your car.  If you don’t have a shade, I suggest oven mitts.

Stay away from the light (the sunlight).
Standing in the direct sun in the desert is volunteering for torture. It’s a sure way to become a believer in spontaneous human combustion. Shade is your friend in all circumstances. Seek it.  

Understand that the swimming pool will lie to you.
“No, no, my lily-white friend, you don’t need shade… and who needs sunscreen? A little burn will turn to tan in a day. Just float here in my cool water with your tasty beverage(s) and you’ll be fine.” Don’t believe your pool. You’ll get sun poisoning and wind up looking like a boiled lobster.

Stay seated when you open your power bill.
If you’re going to be comfortable at home during summer, it’s going to get expensive. Even if you’ve got a really well-insulated house and a preference for warm temperatures, it’s going to be expensive. Brace yourself.

Be properly provisioned.
You should have water, lip balm, sunscreen, and sun glasses (and maybe a hat) when you go out and about. And that’s just for doing things around the city.

As far as going out in the desert… well, don’t. Don’t be a news story.

What did you think of your first summer in Las Vegas?
Photos courtesy of MrHicks46 and Kate Ter Haar at flickr

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