Thursday, May 29, 2014

Saturday Lunch in Las Vegas at Cantina Laredo

Tacos and Margaritas at Tivoli Village's "modern" Mexican restaurant. 

The atmosphere at Cantina Laredo on a recent Saturday at 1 p.m.:  Pleasant, with an inviting vibe. Not crowded. Pretty much just what I'm looking for in a Saturday lunch spot. 


  • My lunch companion, my good friend Diane, who never gives me a bad time about taking pictures of the food.
  • The expensive (but worth it) "Cabo Flip" Margarita ($12.75).
  • Flavorful food.


  • The service, which rocked at first, but when we lingered, we were ignored. (Note to waiters: we ladies like to linger on Saturdays, and if you come back to our table, we'll order more stuff.)
  • Small lunch portions.

The Cost: 
Modest, with most lunch entrees around $10. The tasty Margarita was expensive, but delicious. Quality booze isn't cheap, you know.

I love leisurely Saturday lunches. What about you? Are you a weekend luncher?
Photo by Terrisa Meeks

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