Tuesday, August 05, 2014

First Friday in the Las Vegas Arts District

Las Vegas’ monthly festival in the Arts District featured some intriguing (and kinda bizarre) art this month.

Since it was August 1 last Friday, I took my hubby and son Downtown to First Friday.

My hubby almost melted.

“I’m worried that people think I’m having a heart attack,” he said, someplace on the other side of Bar + Bistro, as the sweat ran off him in impressive amounts. It was about 105°F, which my son and I found only mildly hot, while my beloved was about to burst into flames.

Before we hurried to the air conditioned car, we took in the sights of First Friday, which reportedly has taken a new turn toward more art and less drinking:


Have you been to First Friday lately?

All pictures & video by Terrisa Meeks

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