Friday, February 20, 2015

Photo Friday – St. Thomas Ruins

In 1938, the rising waters of Lake Mead overtook the town of St. Thomas and the town’s last resident left in a boat.  For many years, the town was 60 feet under water. Today, you can’t even see Lake Mead from the ruins.

I first saw St. Thomas in 2008, about six years after Lake Mead had receded from the townsite. At that time, the ruins were almost hidden in a large field of tall, grassy vegetation. Fresh-water shells and relics—tires, dishes, tress—dotted the landscape.
St. Thomas Townsite

The last time I visited St. Thomas, the vegetation had been cut down and many artifacts were gone. More stumps and deadwood were visible, though, and the town's roads were becoming easier to see.

It’s a spectacular ghost town/ruins, and a sobering reminder that Nature often has different ideas than we do.

Do you have any favorite ghost towns? 
Picture by Terrisa Meeks

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